The Vertical Workshop Pilates Teacher Intensives (TVW PTI) is a comprehensive continuing education program for Pilates teachers of all styles.

The Live-Streaming and Recorded versions of TVW PTI are in full swing!
Seminar #1 and #2 have been done as live-stream and will be posted in the TVW virtual studio once they are edited so that you can participate with the recording. Even during the live-stream, many people can't make the timing and do an instant recording of it afterwards. Instant recording means that the platform that TVW PTI uses records it right away and is available for 14 days within the date of the original recording. This is different than the virtual studio mentioned above. I explain this so that you know that the recording are an extremely effective method of learning and working with this webinar! More people actually do the recordings than the live-stream simply based on timing and lifestyle.

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