The Vertical Workshop Pilates Teacher Training (TVW PTT) is classical Pilates…


But why us?

You’ll learn more than just the exercises — you’ll learn the technique of teaching that makes TVW teachers so great!

You'll work with modern biomechanics and an evidence-based point of view.

You’ll work with a team of TVW teachers who believe in kindness, understanding and community building.

I have been training with Shari for thirteen years, and I’m still learning new information from her every week. Her scientific knowledge of the biomechanics of the body has completely transformed the way I work my own body and therefore how I teach pilates to my own clients. She is clear and precise in her teaching and somehow manages to make it very easy to understand the human body and how it moves most efficiently to gain strength and mobility. I am so grateful to be able to keep learning from a teacher who is always continuing to learn more herself. I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today if it weren’t for her. 
— Cheryl Sullivan Cole, Pilates Teacher in Atlanta, GA
You’ll be part of the TVW team that has earned international respect.

You’ll be part of the TVW team that has earned international respect.

Comprehensive Teacher Training

Do you want to become a Pilates teacher?

The Comprehensive Teacher Training is the 600 hour apprenticeship where you learn to teach exercises of all levels of client ability, modifications and variations.


Bridge Participation

Are you already a Pilates Teacher and you would like to either get your full training in classical Pilates or deepen your classical education with The Vertical Workshop?

Bridge Participation seminars and weekly meetings are simultaneous with those of the apprenticeship. What you’ll do in between seminars and for your exam are different. But we work in the seminars at the same time.


*Our Colorado programs are Approved and Regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board. Learn more here (PDF).

Shari’s work is based on science and, inevitably, that knowledge comes through not just when we’re in an instructional setting but also when I’m taking a Private from her. She’s taught me an incredible amount about how the body works – how my body works. Things just make sense now, and this alone has made me a better teacher.  

Shari articulates instructions and cues with great clarity. Incorporating this clarity into my instruction has made it easier for my clients to understand what I want them to do – which has led to them improving faster, improved confidence, and sticking with me as a teacher.
— Shoshana Goldstein, Owner of Joy Moves Pilates Studio in Austin, Texas