Mat and Reformer

Mat and Reformer


Learn how to teach Mr. Pilates’ rhythms for all exercises included in the Advanced Mat and Reformer.

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The Music of Pilates is a continuing education workshop that you listen to and speak to practice. It is also an aural manual to refer back to over time...each Mat and Reformer exercise is listed like a separate song track on a CD. Mr. Pilates created a different rhythm for each exercise. They highlight the action of the exercise to direct the specific purpose. When you work with Mr. Pilates actual rhythms...the exercises come to life! This is a sincere workshop with learning and practice modules. You will certainly come away from this at-home/at-studio workshop with a new set of tools making your and your clients' experiences easier! Teaching should be fun and effective... The keener your tools are...the stronger your teaching and the more your clients change for the better!

There are 4 Modules. 

Module 1 - Introduction 

Module 2 - Learning: You learn the purpose, rhythms and accents of each “Advanced” Mat and Reformer exercise and how to apply them to your teaching.

Module 3 - Practice: A flowing section so can physicalize and embody each exercise to the rhythm, listen to or speak out loud each rhythm through the Advanced order. Pause when you need.

Of course...not every exercise is for every person, so feel no pressure to do it all. 

However, learn the rhythms so you can teach them.