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Webinar: Shoulder Girdle: A Delicate Balance

The Webinar you have asked for: Shoulder Girdle: A Delicate Balance

The Shoulder Girdle is a complex system.  When I first started teaching, all I knew was "pull your wings down" and "crack a walnut".  The more I study biomechanics, the more I know there's very little down and no cracking.  It's a delicate balance of bone, muscles, ligaments, tendons...and constant reassessing.  Dynamic Stability is what we're looking for.  Let's spend time studying where we're going with the shoulder girdle and how to get there in Pilates. We'll take time with anatomy and biomechanics, Pilates exercises, common ailments and all of your questions.  Take a moment to review what you already know before the workshop...then we can grow from there.


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