Anatomy Education

A little bit of anatomy education goes a long way in helping you understand the human body and Pilates! We’re not expecting you to be an expert, by any means. We’re only wanting you to have enough of a working vocabulary to get the most out of the Mat Seminar. For those who will continue on to the Comprehensive Teacher Training or Bridge, you will get more during the program.

If you need to fulfill this prerequisite rather quickly, fear not! The perfect video is being prepared for you right now and will be ready at the beginning of February 2019. It has all that you need to get started and feel comfortable in our seminars!

What do you need and what will this video cover?

  • Anatomical Terminology: general anatomy vocabulary.

  • Anatomical Position: what this is and why it matters in anatomy.

  • Planes of movement: what they are and how to see them. Why they matter. Which actions happen in each plane of movement.

  • Bones: Latin names of the bones of the torso, arms and legs. Not feet and hands.

  • Muscles: Latin names of the primary movers/mobilizers of the torso, arms and legs…muscles you can touch/palpate. Where they are and what their primary actions are. Again, not feet and hands.

  • Origins and Insertions of Muscles on Bones: general areas in layman’s terms. You do not need to know every or any latin name of where muscles “begin” and “end” on a bone. 

  • Thoracolumbar Fascia/Lumbodorsal Fascia: what and where this is.

  • Fascia: just a bit of information to get started.

Do you know nothing about anatomy?
Work with the video. We make it easy to learn. Email us at

Do you already know all of this? On the application, simply share where your anatomy education comes from so that this prerequisite can be listed as accomplished. Want to give us a heads-up that you’ve got this work down cold? Email us at

Have you had a bit of anatomy already, but would like a gentle reminder and learn from The Vertical Workshop perspective? Email us at and we’ll set you up with the video.

Video Length: approximately 3 hours
Video Tuition: $60
PMA CECs for current teachers? Yes! 3 PMA distance CECs