Shari Berkowitz, Founder of Shari Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop

Shari Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop

Shari Berkowitz is a biomechanist, ergonomist, trainer and Pilates Teacher of Teachers.

The Vertical Workshop is the leading Pilates teacher education provider in the world. Founded by Shari Berkowitz in a studio space in Beverly Hills, CA, USA, it is now an international studio...meaning that it is not brick and mortar, but travels around the world as a network of education through workshops, intensive programs, in-person and Skype Pilates sessions, The Pilates Teacher blog and more. 

Elite IAT (Intrinsic Action Technique) was created by Shari Berkowitz. Elite IAT trains you to be the most efficient and effective athlete possible. It strips away training that has taken you away from your natural efficiency and teaches you how to tap into your greatest physical abilities. Human are among the greatest of athletes in the animal kingdom. We are the world's long distance runners, precise throwers and truest grapplers. When we move and train the way we were "designed" to behave, our abilities increase and our injuries decrease. Elite IAT trains you to reach your physical potential, decrease the chance for injury and increase your ability for recovery.