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Chicago, IL

Pilates on Tour: Chicago, IL
Ohhhh I love Pilates on Tour Chicago! (I love them all, to tell you the truth!)
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I will be presenting:

Friday (October 12) 9a-5p:
Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy: How our Bodies Work and How to Cue that Reality

While your physical intuition is an important asset in teaching Pilates, intuition is not enough. To sincerely take care of your clients, you must know the truth of how the body works. Cue the reality, not the myths or mistakes. Being a confident teacher depends on it…demands it. We’ll work to understand the best theories on biomechanics: Biotensegrity and Biodynamics. Then apply this information to your teaching and the effects on the entire body focused first on the pelvis and spine. Knowing and understanding is the only way.
Appropriate for comprehensively trained instructors.

Saturday PM (October 13) 2p-5p:
Knees: All you need to Know and Little Bit More

No matter what the alignment (bowed, knock, normal, hyper-extended), no matter what the imbalance or trauma (ACL tears, MCL tears, meniscal tears, ITB syndrome) we’ve all got knees and need to know how to care for them. In this workshop we’ll take time to understand the physiology and functional anatomy of the knee complex as well as the changing dynamics from the alignment issues, imbalances and traumas that commonly exist. We’ll apply that knowledge to caring for knees in Pilates. Knees ought to be an easy part of the body for our clients: running, skiing, climbing stairs or just sitting, standing and walking...we must understand knees.
Appropriate for comprehensively trained instructors.

Sunday AM (October 14) 9a-12n:
Anatomy Exercises: Leg Strength/Hip Flexor Progressions

Hip Flexors, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Adductors/Inner Thighs all need to be strong and supple. But what is "get out of your hip flexors" and why do hip flexors cramp? Should knees really be "soft"? What is a locked joint? What do we really need to teach and do? It's time for an education of biomechanics and functional anatomy...applied to Pilates exercises. We'll go through each exercise related to leg and hip flexor strength to understand the progression.
-Learn which muscles need to be strengthened and which need to be stretched for exercises with leg action or support to work.
-See how to recognize what is weak when an exercise "fails"
-Walk away with the ability to apply this knowledge to Pilates exercises: a true understanding and ability to help your client (and yourself) strengthen and stretch so that Hip Flexion and Leg strength/stretch are easier to accomplish earlier in your Pilates life.
Appropriate for experienced instructors.

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