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Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction WEBINAR


You can join in on the Live-Stream or work with the Recording
Please note that the timing 11am-2pm is Eastern Time (NYC Time). Adjust to your time zone.

Pilates teachers ask me more about the Sacroiliac joint and its dysfunction than any other joint in the body. Whereas most of our clients struggle with their lumbar spine, a hip, a knee, it’s Pilates teachers who struggle most with their SI joints. Whether you or your client has SI joint dysfunction, it can be quite frustrating to manage. That is, until you learn what goes on at this joint, what can alter its balance and how to return it to balance...not just for the moment, but for the long-term. That is what we will discover in this workshop. Whether you teach on the mat, some or all apparatus, this workshop is for you! -Shari Berkowitz

All styles of Pilates are welcome! 

Registration: Email Shari at Please specify if you'd like to be part of the Live-Stream or work with the Recording.