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Live-Streaming or Recorded Webinar: Keys to Pilates Success

Keys to Pilates Success!
Tuition: $900 for all 3 days; $330 for one day at a time

The Keys to Pilates Success with Shari Berkowitz
Though this is set up as a 3-day seminar, you are welcome to come to 1 or 2 days. Just ask!

While Beginners are most important to "hook", Intermediate clients are the heart and soul of your business. Progressing your clients in each session in the effort to achieve their and your goals is vital to maintaining and building your clientele. You want your clients there for life; not just for the moment. You want a thriving business! In this seminar, you will learn and develop all of the tools to progress and advance your clients and your business. It goes well beyond exercises. There is a layering of information that has to be carefully taught. A wasted session is never an option. Teaching is easy…with the right tools. Every choice you make can be successful and stress free.


        1 - Fully understand what clients need and how Pilates can provide

        2 - Enhance teaching skills with applications of education in Pilates teaching

        3 - Help create more confident teachers with a scientific rather than simply intuitive education

        4 - Expand teaching vocabulary

        5 - Understand how people learn

        6 - Encourage confidence in teaching through education

        7 - Provide ability for longevity in teaching career

        8 - Provide tools and resources for answering questions and handling difficult situations in the studio


Apply these tools, knowledge and actions to Pilates matter what style you teach.

You deserve the best tools possible!  Please let me share them with you!

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Tuition Information with Projects...

The 3-day seminar is $900.

As this is an a la carte seminar, though part of the full The Vertical Workshop Pilates Intensives, if you find that you would like to do the 4 months of interactive homework projects that go with this seminar, it would be my pleasure to offer that to you. Often times, people do this. And it was created to deepen the study of the information we work on in the seminar and integrate it into your teaching and self-practice. The homework projects are a combination of work you do while teaching, during your own workouts and then additional articles to read, research, videos to watch and such that serve to turn an a la carte workshop into an apprenticed education. We work interactively on line with discussions all through the week, yet it is designed to work around your teaching and home we all have busy lives. 

With that, the seminar plus the homework projects is $1700. 

1 or 2 days rather than all 3? $330/day

Cash in person, credit card, wire transfer
Please ask for information on each.

To ask any questions or register, please email Shari Berkowitz directly at

It will be a fantastic weekend!!!

- Shari