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London, UK

Injuries, Ailments, Imbalances: Working Around the Big Stuff in Sessions and Group Classes with Shari Berkowitz
Timing and Location: bePilates - Marylebone, London

(Friday and Saturday: 11a-6p

Sunday: 10a-5p

It’s the rare client who has no aches or pains. Whether in a private session or a group class, we must know how to work around all that our clients bring to the hour. Each hour you teach is a remarkable improvisational performance. However, any great improviser must know the guidelines or chaos ensues. In this workshop, we’ll delve into those very guidelines for issues of the spine, pelvis, spine (including neck), knees, ankles, feet, shoulder girdle, elbows, wrists and hands. We’ll take time on hyper-extension of the knees and elbows. We’ll also take careful consideration with osteoporosis, elderly clients, obese clients, pregnant and postpartum clients.

For each area, ailment or special case, we will work through the biomechanical implications working to understand how one compensates and how we seek to rework the biotensegrity. Additionally with special cases, we will endeavor to understand the biochemistry that affects the clients ability in the session. We must know what to watch out for to make wise choices of what to do and what not to do. 

Apply these tools, knowledge and actions to Pilates matter what style you teach.

You deserve the best tools possible!  Please let me share them with you!

If you can't or don’t want to do the entire Intensives…come to one or some.  Join in on “Injuries, Ailments…” - If you want to come one day at a time, it's £270/day. And, you'll get 6 PMA CECs/day.

Tuition Information with Projects...

The 3-day seminar is £750.

As this is an a la carte seminar, though part of the full The Vertical Workshop Pilates Intensives, if you find that you would like to do the 4 months of interactive homework projects that go with this seminar, it would be my pleasure to offer that to you. Often times, people do this. And it was created to deepen the study of the information we work on in the seminar and integrate it into your teaching and self-practice. The homework projects are a combination of work you do while teaching, during your own workouts and then additional articles to read, research, videos to watch and such that serve to turn an a la carte workshop into an apprenticed education. We work interactively on line with discussions all through the week, yet it is designed to work around your teaching and home we all have busy lives. 

With that, the seminar plus the homework projects is £1250. 


Cash in person, credit card, wire transfer
Please ask for information on each.

To ask any questions or register, please email Shari Berkowitz directly at

It will be a fantastic weekend!!!

- Shari

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