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Live-Streaming Webinar

Live-Streaming Webinar on Biomechanics, Biotensegrity and Biodynamics of the human body as a functional whole with applications to Pilates. 

Please join for just the seminar/webinar or learn all about the full program.
This is the first full live-streaming webinar version of The Vertical Workshop Pilates Teacher Intensives (TVW PTI). The full program is each webinar + 4 months of interactive projects that we do between webinars to fully integrate this information into the way you think, move and teach. Please read the information packet in the section "Teacher Intensives" on this site.

Now...about this webinar...


Yes, this is seminar is open to all teachers of all styles.  It is also the first seminar of the The Vertical Workshop Pilates Teacher Intensives (TVW PTI)...but, again open to all teachers even if you're not in the entire TVW PTI program.  Please join in for a wonderful webinar!  There are lovely people who are joining already!


You've had a lot of continuing education, but none of it...none of it is comprehensive.  I get a lot of information, but it's all bits and pieces.  Are you able to apply it all?  Really?  While the entire Pilates Teacher Intensives is to rectify this missing an essential element in Pilates continuing education, this first 3-day seminar "Full Body Integration" must be the basis for all that we do.  What is your perspective on the human body?  How much does it align with how the human body really works?  How do you tie it all together with a true education and apply it to your actual teaching of Pilates?  How do you take your education and make it all make sense?

In "Full Body Integration" you will learn the modern biomechanics:  Biodynamics and Biotensegrity.  Biodynamics is my theory of human physical movement and dysfunction.  I am a biomechanics scientist and theorist in addition to being a Pilates teacher.  I spend the majority of my time, in fact, developing ways for people to really understand how the body works at it's best and help people return to their most able states why dysfunction occurs.  Pilates is an exceptional method to return a body to health...but only if we understand how the body works and make sure what we're doing in Pilates coordinates with that.

We will explore and study:

Biodynamics (by Shari Berkowitz) and Biotensegrity (by Dr. Stephen Levin)
Functional Anatomy of The Human Body with specific detail on:

The Spine
The Pelvis
The Shoulder Girdle and The Arms
The Legs

we tie it all together...because we're not just bits and pieces...we are organisms.

Apply this knowledge and actions to Pilates matter what style you teach.

Your perspective is everything.  Please let me guide your education and understanding with "Full Body Integration".

Seminar/Webinar Only: $900
Projects: $800

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It will be an amazing webinar!!!

- Shari

Earlier Event: February 26
Rhinebeck, NY
Later Event: April 2
Bethesda, MD