The Vertical Workshop Pilates Teacher Training

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It begins!!!

This is the Pilates Teacher Training that I wish I had!
I’m excited to bring it to you with an amazing team:
The Vertical Workshop!

Our first location is in Atlanta, GA at Studio Lotus Forsyth

What makes TVW Pilates Teacher Training (PTT) different?
TVW PTT is classical.
The program consists only of Joseph Pilates’ exercises, the order in which he intended with the focus and philosophy he desired…
TVW PTT adds modern biomechanics and exceptional teaching tools bringing you the most well-rounded, useful and respected education in the Pilates world.

An overview of the Comprehensive Teacher Training and Bridge Participation:

Comprehensive Teacher Training :
This is the training that allows you to be a fully trained classical Pilates teacher on all apparatus for all levels of clients with any injury or special need.
This is the only training you require.

It is the full teacher training for those who are not currently Pilates teachers and wish to train to be Pilates teachers.

The Comprehensive Teacher Training Consists of
Mat Seminar + Comprehensive Seminars (1-4)
+ 600 teacher training hours (observation, self-practice, practice with others)
+ weekly meetings
+ exams (at Studio Lotus Forsyth)

Dates in Atlanta, GA at Studio Lotus Forsyth

Mat Seminar
(Pick one):
March 15-17 - Shari Berkowitz teaches
May 3-5 - Kim Bergonzi or Cheryl Cole teach

Comprehensive Seminars
(You must attend all 4)
- Shari Berkowitz teaches all 4 seminars
Comp 1: May 17-19
Comp 2: June 21-23
Comp 3: July 26-28
Comp 4: September 6-8

Mat Only: $550 with Comprehensive; $650 without Comprehensive or Bridge
Comprehensive: Mat + Comp Seminars: $6050 (mat tuition is built into this rate)
Bridge: Mat + Comp Seminars: $4000 (mat tuition is built into this rate)

Weekly in-studio sessions with a TVW teacher at Studio Lotus Forsyth are required.
Having hands-on sessions are vital for receiving the full benefit of our work.
The studio will set the rate which is why this is not in your tuition.
You are welcome to take privates, semis (shared sessions) or group classes.

Click here for more information for more details of the Comprehensive Program: Mat Seminar and Comprehensive Seminars

Bridge Participation
Are you a Pilates teacher who would like to train in the classical style…and not only classical, but classical with high quality understanding of biomechanics, great teaching tools and a beautiful community of like-minded teachers? Do you wish to have all that The Vertical Workshop has to share?
Please participate in our Bridge Participation!

Bridge Participation consists of
Mat Seminar + Comprehensive Seminars (1-4)
+ possibility of some observation hours - to be determined for each participant (considering that you might be far from the host studio, this can be done via work with recordings or streaming classes. We will arrange to make the best situation for you)
+ weekly meetings (you can attend via video conference or recordings)
+ exams (can be arranged via video conference if not in person)

See Mat + Comprehensive dates above. They are the same.

This includes Mat Seminar + Comprehensive Seminars + Weekly Meetings
Additional Observation hours, if necessary, will have an additional, minimal fee.
Weekly on-line sessions or group classes (live-stream or recorded) with Shari Berkowitz or in studio classes at the Host Studio are required at an additional fee. Integration of classical and TVW work into your work requires that you embody the work beyond the seminars and meetings.
***Did you do the full TVW PTI (including the Projects)? You receive a discount because your investment in TVW education has already been profound.

Click here for more information for more details of the Bridge Program: Mat Seminar and Comprehensive Seminars

More Information?
Oh, yes…far more information is coming soon…
Email Shari if you’d like to ask questions before the information comes out: