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April 15 - Workshop at Spencer Pilates - Forest Hills, Queens, NYC
April 27 - 28 - Guest Teaching at Whole Living Pilates - Colorado Springs, CO



March 2018:

Experience the Difference: Group Classes - Live-Stream or Recorded!
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My classes and workshops are like none other. Some stay away because they are more expensive than the subscription services...but what you will get is utterly different and deep. It is worth the extra fee. It is a tuition.

Experience the difference with this discount on March 2018:

***Here is a special for March 2018:

Purchase one, get the recordings of the other for $30.

Live-stream or stream the recordings of either Multi-Apparatus or Reformer classes for the month of March and receive the ability to stream the recordings of the other for only $30 for the entire month.

Ex: Live-Stream the Multi-App class, receive Reformer class recordings for $30

Ex: Recordings of Reformer, receive Multi-App recordings for $30. 
(That means the entire month of recordings for $30) 

That means that everyone gets a deep discount and more Pilates!

Is it still more expensive than the other subscription services? Yes. It is. But I hope this gives you the chance to try it out and see!

Questions or concerns? Email me at info@TheVerticalWorkshop.com


December 25, 2017:
Happy Holidays to all!
The January Live-Streaming and Recording Class schedule is posted in the "Classes" section of the website. Check it out and join me for post-holiday workouts!!!
- Shari


November 27, 2017:
The December Live-Streaming and Recording Class schedule is posted in the "Classes" section of the website. Check it out and join me for pre-holiday workouts!!!
- Shari


October 1, 2017:
The October Live-Streaming and Recording Class schedule is posted in the "Classes" section of the website. Check it out and join me!
- Shari


August 28, 2017:

SPECIAL: Friday, September 1

Well, since I'm a tad late in getting out the information for September classes, let's do a special for September 1!

Friday, September 1: 
Join the Live-Stream for $20.

The recording is also $20. (What?! Don't worry...that's a $10 decrease from the typical rate. And there are more recording specials coming your way!)

Time: 12noon-1pm ET (NYC Time)
Apparatus: Mat with Magic Circle + Standing Exercises
Computer Info: Live-Streams are only available through a computer.
Recordings are available on hand-held devices and computers.

Register: Email Shari at info@TheVerticalWorkshop.com



3 January 2017:
Though I am on semester break from graduate school, I continually think about how I will use what I am studying for the Pilates, Fitness and Health communities. I am planning my Master's Thesis to prepare me for my Doctoral Dissertation. It's many years off to get to Doctorate, but the path to anything takes planning years in advance. In fact, even preparing for graduate school, I planned for years upon years. I'm wishing you a new year...take time to plan for your dreams and ambitions. Nothing of value happens automatically. Do not wait for Fate to decide your life.


9 October 2016:
As autumn colors sweep over my land and the breeze blows leaves across every pathway, I am working hard at my graduate studies and pilates teaching. Please take a look at the updated Workshop Calendar. I have posted a 3-day seminar/webinar in January and a conference in Brasil in June. Don't forget that we have many opportunities to work together with live-streaming or recorded classes each week (see the Classes page) and Skype sessions! Of course, if you want to come by my personal home studio, you are always welcome to have a session or consultation with me in the same room, too!


23 Aug 2016:
It's just two weeks until I begin my coursework for my Master's in Ergonomics and Biomechanics (ERBI) that I plan to take into my PhD in ERBI. It's time to take The Vertical Workshop (TVW) into the deeper lab and out to far more than Pilates. The theories and practices developed and proven in TVW across the world are vital for all. Not just Pilates, though that has been the great proving ground. It's for all movement...all people. This is an exciting time! Please keep checking in on News, but also on "The Pilates Teacher Blog" and all workshops/webinars. All new information that I both learn and prove in the lab will be infused in all workshops old and new. I hope you will take advantage of this material. You already know that my work in TVW is different than anyone else's...we are about to take huge leaps together!!!


10 Nov 2015:
Today was the first live-streaming Reformer Class! I'll be sending out word on how to register for the next grouping of classes. One registers for a grouping of 4 classes (4 consecutive weeks barring holidays). That way you don't have to over-commit and I don't show up to class and don't know how many (or not) will be there! (You know that feeling.) I'll be sending out word on how to join either or both the Reformer Class or the Multi-Apparatus Class. It's all Teachers. You'll be in good company. Oh...where will I send information out about it? Likely my newsletter as well as posting on FB. So...if you're not already on my newsletter list (if you've ever emailed me or you subscribe to my blog The Pilates Teacher Blog,  you're on the list) then drop me a note in the contact section on this website. Thanks!



Sept 2015
Biotensegrity is all the rage!
Well, after the BIG VII and Biotensegrity Summit, there has been even more talk about Biotensegrity being the best model to explain human mechanics (organic mechanics)! This is thrilling! We are in a time of revolution...a paradigm shift can be made. The 300 year old model for movement at the micro and macro cellular level needs to be revisited and that's what those of us who are part of BIG are about!

What is BIG? Good question! BIG stands for Biotensegrity Interest Group.

I have just set up a new page on this site called "Biotensegrity". In a short while (after I finish writing my Reformer manual), I will load this page with resources for you to start or continue learning about Biotensegrity and how understanding it can change your perspective on movement and health...for the better!

Thank you for reading!
- Shari